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Thrash metal created itself

       Thrash metal created a name for itself in the 1980's. The music was supposed to be louder and faster than anything ever played before. Anthrax, Metallica and Megadeath are some of the best known thrash bands. However, there is another band which while less known had a much bigger impact on thrash than those three bands.

       Stormtroopers of Death is that band. S.O.D as the band is known to its fans were very influential in thrash. They released one album during the 1980's by the name of "Speak English or Die." The album contains songs that are harder and faster than anything that had been played prior to it. The band consisted of four members Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Dan Lilker and Charlie Benante. They were the true founders of thrash and their politcally incorrect lyrics helped define their place in metal history.

       The band eventually split and the individuals in the band went on to form another four great thrash metal bands. Billy Milano formed Method of Destruction, Dan Lilker formed Nuclear Assault while Scott Ian and Charlie Benante formed Anthrax. All four of the bands had a good run during the second half of the 1980's with only Anthrax maintaining a huge fan base up until today. The band has re-united in the 1990's and released a second album in 1999 with a third one to be released sometime in the 2000's.

       Stormtroopers of Death was in truth one of the founding fathers of thrash metal. They played louder, faster and with their politically incorrect lyrics became a true legend of metal. The fact that after they split into four separate bands all which achieved success only goes to show that had it not been for S.O.D thrash metal may have never become as popular as it did.

Written by Thomas Griffenkranz

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