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       Heavy metal has several sub-genres, one of which is thrash metal. Thrash metal is characterized by it's high speed, aggression, and violent lyrics.

       Thrash metal originated in the late 1970's to early 1980's, when a number of bands began using the sound of the New Wave British Heavy Metal with their own.

       Lead guitarists normally use fast tempos, low-register, fast complex guitar riffs, and high-register solos. The solos are played at high speed and often use shredding. Rhythm guitarists in thrash metal is known for its use of palm muting and staccato used with heavy distortion. Bassists often use a pick to keep up due to the high speed. There are some, none the less who use their fingers. A few use a distorted bass tone.

       With it's speed and pacing, drums are what best defines thrash metal. With the use of the snare on 1/2 beat and two bass drums, some thrash drummers are known as the "best drummers in rock music" according to some people.

       Like many of the other sub-genres of metal, thrash metal lyrics center around society, life, death and gore. What sets it apart though is the view that there is no higher power. Unlike many of the other sub-genres though, thrash metal often focuses on positive social issues.

Since its beginning in the late 70's, thrash metal has continued to grow. With its fast paced sound and its aggressive, often angry lyrics, which are easier to understand than the lyrics of some of the other genres, thrash metal has and will continue to give a release for its fans.

Written by JCR

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